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COVID-19 has changed the labour and employment law landscape indefinitely.

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020. The situation has developed rapidly and changes from day to day. 

In light of these unprecedented circumstances and the fluidity of this situation, Emond Harnden remains committed to providing timely support and guidance to our clients as they navigate their obligations and rights as employers.


We are available to provide advice on any and all COVID-19 related issues, including:


COVID-19 safety plan guide update

Resources to prevent COVID-19 in the workplace

New guidance on meal and break periods

New guidance on self-isolation and return to work

COVID-19 Guide for Federal Sector Employers

Updated construction sector guidance

COVID-19 response framework: keeping Ontario safe and open

Ontario government resource document: Wearing Masks in the Workplace

COVID-19 Guide for Employers in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Actions to support small and medium-sized employers in Ontario during COVID-19

COVID-19 Guide for Aviation-Industry Employers

Actions to support federally-regulated employers during COVID-19

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