Emond Harnden’s Submissions on the Changing Workplaces Review Special Advisors’ Interim Report

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In February 2015, the Minister of Labour appointed C. Michael Mitchell and former Justice John C. Murray as Special Advisors to lead the Changing Workplaces Review, an independent review commissioned by the Ontario Government seeking recommendations to modernize both the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act.

On July 27, 2016, the Special Advisors released an Interim Report setting out a number of options to update and overhaul employment and labour laws in Ontario. The report is the culmination of numerous public consultations that were held in 12 cities across Ontario in 2015 (see Ontario considers options to amend the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act).

The Government invited interested stakeholders to provide comments in response to the Interim Report by August 31, 2016 with respect to the personal emergency leave options, and by October 14, 2016 on all other options presented in the Interim Report.

A copy of Emond Harnden’s written comments and submissions, filed with the Special Advisors in October 2016, can be found on the firm’s website (Special Advisors Interim Report – Submissions 2016).

We will keep readers posted on the progress of the Special Advisors’ final report and recommendations to the Ministry of Labour.

For further information please contact Paul Lalonde at (613) 940-2759 or Neil Dzuba at (613) 940-2757.