February 6, 2021 – Air Canada ordered to pay compensation over missed flight

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B.C. family to be compensated by Air Canada for missed flight



Applicants sought damages under the Canada Transportation Act and Air Passenger Protection Regulations – applicants’ first claim for damages for cancelled flight – claim dismissed, as flight was cancelled for safety-related issues – applicants’ second claim for damages for delayed flight, resulting in passengers missing connecting flight at last leg of the trip – Court found airline’s explanation for delay “vague” and “varying”, such that it did not prove the delay was beyond its control, or within its control but due to safety purposes – claim upheld, passengers awarded $1000 per person, for $3000 total



  • Cancellations – West Wind Aviation Limited Partnership by its General Partner,  West Wind Management LtdOrder No. A-2021-19

    License Nos. 972192, 977273

  • Suspension – Paragon Aviation Logistics, Inc c.o.b. as Paragon Executive Charter and CSM Aviation Order No. 2021-A-S-19

    License No. 200032

  • Application – Cargolux Airlines International, S.A. (Cargolux), on behalf of itself and Cargolux Italia S.p.A. – approval pursuant to section 60 of the CTA and section 8.2 of the ATRDetermination No. A-2021-18

    Application for approval to permit Cargolux to provide scheduled international service and non-scheduled international service between Canada and Luxembourg using aircraft with flight crew provided by Cargolux Italia – application requesting exemption from application of subsection 8.2(2) of the ATR – CTA approved application subject to several conditions

  • Application – Bradley Air Services Limited c.o.b. First Air and/or Ptarmigan Airways and/or Northwest Territorial Airways and/or or NWT Air, on behalf of itself and Lynden Air Cargo, LLC c.o.b. Lynden Air Cargo and as Loken Aviation – approval pursuant to section 60 of the CTA and section 8.2 of the ATR Determination No. A-2021-17

    First Air, on behalf of itself and Lynden, applied to CTA for approval to permit First Air to provide domestic service, all-cargo aircraft, using a Hercules-type aircraft with flight crew provide by Lynden – CTA approved application subject to several conditions

  • Application – Air Canada also c.o.b. Air Canada Rouge and as Air Canada Cargo and WestJet – temporary exemption from the advance notice requirements of section 64 of the CTAOrder No. 2021-A-2

    Applicants requested that the Agency grant a further extension of XX exemptions until June 30, 2021, or such longer period as the Agency may consider appropriate, and that it also shorten the notice period to 15 days – extension granted until August 31, 2021