January 15, 2019 – New drone safety regulations announced following Gatwick kerfuffle

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Minister Garneau unveils Canada’s new drone safety regulations



  • On board service managers – Air Canada v CUPE, AC Component 2019 CanLII 96 (CA LA)
    Air Canada implemented the On Board Service Managers program (“OBSM”) – union filed multiple grievances alleging, amongst other things, demotion without just cause, interference with representation rights, improper use of crew rest facilities – OBSM program designed to enhance customer service – program imposed new workplace assessment process – union challenged program and results – arbitrator ruled that OBSM was valid program – allowed grievances in part – OBSM was reasonable, but just cause not shown in each demotion case – demotions for trivial matters impermissible – barring union from attending OBSM performance meetings infringed collective agreement – grievance regarding crew rest facilities dismissed
  • Recovery of flight training costs – Northern Thunderbird Air INC. v Anderson2018 BCCRT 915 (SC CRT)
    Applicant, Northern Thunderbird, entered agreement with Anderson to provide flight training for $10 000 bond, a bond that would be repaid through Anderson’s labour thereafter – Anderson required to work 24 months to pay bond off – if Anderson did not work full term, the bond was prorated – Anderson worked approximately half the term – Anderson claimed that training bond was illegal due to violation of Canada Labour Code; Anderson had a separate employment agreement with applicant – bond did not infringe the Labour Code nor was it unfair – Anderson ordered to pay balance of bond



  • Application – TAG Aviation (Malta) LimitedOrder No. 2019-A-12
    Exemptions from paragraph 33.1(b), subparagraph 73(2)(c)(i) and section 33.2 of the Air Transportation Regulations 
  • Application – Prime Jet LLCOrder No. 2019-A-11
    Exemption from section 103.3 of the Air Transportation Regulations
  • Application – Great Western Air LLC c-o-b as Cirrus Aviation ServicesOrder No. 2019-A-10
    Exemption from section 103.3 of the Air Transportation Regulations
  • Suspension – IXAIROrder No. 2019-A-9
    License No. 160053