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Emond Harnden celebrates 30 years (OBJ)
Hundreds attend anniversary party for region’s largest employment and labour law firm


The shape of the labour and employment landscape is ever changing.
We can help.

If you are responsible for employee relations matters, you don’t have to be told about the fast pace of change. You know that the economy is unpredictable, government funding is uncertain, laws and regulations are in flux, and workplace roles are evolving. You know that all this affects your rights, responsibilities and liabilities, but you also know that you have less time than ever before to figure out how.

That’s where we come in. Founded in 1987, Emond Harnden has by far the largest group of lawyers specialized in labour and employment law in the National Capital Region and is one of Canada’s largest boutique style labour and employment law firms which exclusively represents the interest of management in both official languages.

The success of our firm is based on our founding partners’ early recognition that clients need more from their labour and employment law counsel than the provision of representation in litigation matters. Clients want a partnership with a trusted human resource advisor that will provide them with timely, proactive, strategic advice resulting in few matters proceeding to litigation and also resulting in a greater likelihood of success in regard to those matters that do proceed to litigation.

With in-depth advice, executive and managerial training, continuous and critical information and knowledgeable legal services, the firm established itself in a model that would best facilitate such a partnership.

Unique research capabilities

Our unique in-house Research Department is one of the pillars of this client partnership model. Under the direction of the Director of Research, firm research is centralized, so that most new research requests often benefit from previously performed research; and performed by researchers, at highly competitive billable rates.

Our Research Team comprises individuals drawn from a variety of backgrounds who focused their careers on research, including lawyers.  As a result of its expertise, clients often retain the Research Department directly as they realize that the quality of research delivered by this team is superior to what can be obtained from traditional legal service providers.

A partnership for organizational performance

As an integral part of our operating philosophy, we recognize that we often provide our greatest value when we empower our clients to minimize or eliminate costly litigation. To that end, Emond Harnden offers what is unquestionably the most comprehensive support service for in-house counsel, senior executives and managers, as well as human resources and labour relations professionals. We offer:

  • Seminars and workshops designed for senior executives and managers within both unionized and non-unionized environments, ranging from attendance management and workplace harassment to termination issues and occupational health and safety;
  • Articles and papers published by our professional staff in respected journals and periodicals;
  • The shared experience of our lawyers gained through conferences, seminars and ongoing legal practice; and
  • Our website and regular email alerts, designed to keep you abreast of significant case law and developments in labour and employment law that will positively enhance your ability to conduct successful employee relations.