SOP # 15-2 The Interview

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Bad hiring decisions are costly.  Proper time invested in the interview process will increase the likelihood of making hiring decisions that benefit the organization.   An objective interview process will assist in the defence to human rights claims and will establish a framework to make informed hiring decisions.


Determine the essential job requirements – are there technical / functional capabilities or behavioural competencies that are required?  These are the ‘must haves’.

Once you have determined the ‘must haves’ you can create a list of ‘nice to have’ requirements to further refine the selection process and interview questions.

Each requirement should be weighted as to how important each one is for an incumbent to be successful in the role.


Screen the resumes.  If the candidate does not possess the ‘must haves’ their application is no longer considered.


Prepare and conduct the interview.  Interview questions should be prepared in advance. Based on the ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’, they are designed to assess the candidate’s technical and behavioural competencies.  The questions should be framed in a way to determine how the candidate behaved in past situations (these answers can also be corroborated through reference checks).  Each question should have an answer guide to assist the interviewer(s) to grade and rank the candidates.  All candidates must be asked the same questions. Take notes.

Interviewers should be trained on the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, including human rights considerations and how to ask probing questions to ensure they are satisfied they have received a full answer.

Depending on the role, there may be additional testing or medical examinations that can be conducted.  If conducted, these must align with true bonafide occupational requirements.


Always conduct reference checks, as time consuming as these are, at least asking one simple question “Would you rehire this person” is worth taking the time to make the call. Take notes.


Make your decision. Advise unsuccessful candidates that were interviewed in writing that they were not selected. Remember, just as you are assessing the candidate, the candidate is assessing you and your company. You want that impression to be favorable.

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