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J.D. Sharp

J.D. Sharp

After four amusing years, J.D. barely graduated from Queen’s University with a BA (Hons). He then worked as a labour relations consultant assisting employers with labour relations and human resources issues, acting as a part-time human resources department for organizations that did not have full-time HR support. This work experience also helped minimize an academic record consistent with the above-mentioned four years of fun in Kingston. It also permitted him to be accepted into the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary, from which he graduated in 1996, much to his family’s disbelief. It was at this point that J.D. grew tired of shamelessly promoting himself in the third-person…

I am a firm (some use the term “zealous”) believer in management rights and my practice is devoted to supporting employers in effectively managing the human resources side of their organizations. I provide strategic advice, representation and counsel regarding labour, employment, human rights, health & safety and other employment-related areas of the law.

My primary focus is advocacy for employers, including litigation, negotiation and mediation. Regardless of the situation, I seek a cost-effective solution that respects the fundamental rights of the employer to manage. In order to assist clients with achieving their objectives, I provide advice and assistance with planning both long and short-term strategies which advance the organization’s goals with respect to its relations with employees and unions.

The standard view of bios is that they should contain some personal information, so here it is: I played a number of sports competitively, but none of them well enough that you would have heard of me. I thoroughly dislike losing. My time as a tennis coach specializing in training high-performance junior tennis players was a highlight of my athletic pursuits. I am fortunate to have a wife who understands and supports my passion for being a management-side labour lawyer. I am equally fortunate to have an amazing daughter who makes it easy to leave the work that I love at the end of the day.

I have litigated many cases to conclusion, those arbitration decisions include the following: North Bay (City) and CUPE Loc. 1222 (2006) 151 L.A.C. (4th) 236 (Slotnick); Aramark Canada Ltd. and C.U.P.E., Local 4000 (2010) 192 L.A.C. (4th) 57 (Starkman); Ottawa Citizen and Ontario Newspaper Guild (2009) 190 L.A.C. (4th) 237 (Whitaker); Wabi Iron and Steel Corp and USWA Local 2020 (2009), 184 L.A.C. (4th) 144 (Marcotte); Ottawa Hospital and ONA (2005) 145 L.A.C. (4th) 123 (Weatherill); Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County and OPSEU (2004) 124 L.A.C. (4th) 321 (Knopf); Ottawa Hospital and CUPE, Local 4000 (Re) (2004) 79 C.L.A.S. 166 (Verity); Ottawa Hospital and OPSEU, Local 464 (Re) (2003) 75 C.L.A.S 356 (Bendel); Ottawa Hospital and OPSEU, (Re) (2003) 120 L.A.C. (4th) 21 (Kaplan); Crowne Plaza Ottawa and Hospitality and Service Trades Union, Loc. 261 (Anastasakos) (2000) 92 L.A.C . (4th) 357 (Brown).